Charles Barkley, In White Makeup, Mocks Sammy Sosa (VIDEO)

UPDATE: Additional video of Barkley teasing Sosa is embedded below. He raised the subject by excitedly saying, "I know you want to get in the Hall of Fame, but going white ain't the way to go," and later issued a public plea to the former slugger, shouting "Sammy Sosa, you know I got love for you, man. Stop it! Stop it, Sammy Sosa!" Barkley then announced his plans to lighten his own skin: "I'm telling you man, I'm getting rejuvenated."



In a bizarre moment during tonight's NBA doubleheader on TNT, analyst and former NBA power forward Charles Barkley sat as a makeup artist applied white cosmetics to his face. His colleague Kenny Smith shouted "Say it loud!" before continuing, "I'm black and I'm proud." Barkley then asked Smith, "If I become white, am I allowed to eat chicken and hamhocks?" The entire episode appeared to mock the recent photographs showing former baseball player Sammy Sosa's noticeably lighter skin.


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