Charles Barkley: Jeremy Lin Will Have More Success Than Tim Tebow

Jeremy Lin or Tim Tebow?

Charles Barkley knows who he would take given the choice. Over the weekend, Barkley made an appearance on the NFL Network's "Total Access" and was asked which player would be more successful on his new team. Perhaps not surprisingly, Barkley sided with the basketball player.

"Well, I think Jeremy Lin is a good player. He's going to have more success," he said, via USA Today. "Tebow is a good kid, but he's honestly going there to be the backup. Jeremy Lin is going there to be the starting point guard, and he did some incredible stuff. I want to see him do well. That's one of the greatest stories I've ever seen, to be honest with you, as long as I've been involved with the NBA."

Back when Linsanity was sweeping the nation, there were many who were quick to compare Jeremy Lin's surprise emergence at Madison Square Garden to Tim Tebow's gridiron rise. After taking over for Kyle Orton in Denver, Tebow helped the Broncos to six straight victories while Lin played a key role in a similar Knicks' win streak after breaking into the starting lineup. Both had burst on the scene becoming the biggest stories in their respective sports while the media dissected each trying to determine which story was better. Lin had Linsanity. Tebow had Tebowing. Now both are in new cities.

As each story unfolded, Barkley never shied away from throwing his two cents in. The Hall of Fame basketball player called Tebow Time a "national nightmare" after Denver's overtime win against Pittsburgh in the playoffs. And during Lin's breakout performances, Barkley believed the Knicks could finish with the third best record in the eastern conference.

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