Charles Barkley Did Something Kinda Gross And We Can't Ignore It

The NBA analyst got a ribbing for a suspect hygiene move on "Inside the NBA."

NBA analyst Charles Barkley will rebound from his recent hygiene blunder ― but we can’t let go of it just yet. (Watch the video below.)

Maybe it’s not on the ick scale of Bill Belichick picking his teeth with a pencil and surveying the results on national television, but Barkley’s move still grossed out his colleagues.

The Hall of Famer licked his eyeglasses and wiped them, uh, clean on TNT’s “Inside the NBA” last week.

“That’s how I clean my glasses,” Barkley explained after the crew berated him for it.

“Come on, Chuck. That’s not how you’re supposed to clean your glasses,” host Ernie Johnson said, per the New York Post.

“I need to be able to see, man. It’s more important for me to see than worry about hygiene,” Barkley replied.

Barkley could have just used the cleaning cloth that comes with the glasses. Or he could have fogged up the lenses with his breath and then wiped, some Twitter users noted.

It was the tongue-to-dirty-glass part that got many people squirming:

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