Charles Barkley On "Jay Leno" VIDEO: Trashes Reporters, Talks Sammy Sosa, Politics And More

Charles Barkley stopped by the "Jay Leno Show" last night and touched on a range of topics with his typical candor. Barkley expressed his interest in becoming a NBA GM, and struck back at people who have questioned his fitness for the job:

"It's funny, people talk about you like you're dead, they're like, 'he's not gonna want to work hard.' Dude, I'm in the basketball Hall of Fame. Ain't no lazy people in there. Funny thing about it, it's like reporters calling me lazy. Reporters are the laziest people in the world. They're going to call me lazy. I've actually accomplished something in my life."

He singled out Skip Bayless and Jay Mariotti, calling them "idiots" and criticizing them for being excessively negative. Asked what happened to his desire to run for governor of Alabama, Barkley told Leno that "politics have become a scumbag business." He also told Leno which reporters he likes and discussed Sammy Sosa's skin. Watch the rest of the interview below.


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