Charles Barkley Tears Into "Unpatriotic" Limbaugh And "Idiot" Hannity (VIDEO)

NBA great Charles Barkley dipped into some political punditry during a Tonight Show appearance on Friday, tearing into conservative talking heads who have rooted for President Obama to fail.

"I mean, you look at this country now, we've got all these foreclosures, we've got all these people laid off. We should be behind him 110 percent, hoping he's successful," Barkley said. "And I just thought it was unpatriotic and basically B.S. for Rush Limbaugh and that idiot Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck and all those idiots to not root for this guy."

Barkley is no stranger to the national political debate, and he said last year that he's planning a run for Alabama governor in 2014. But it's pretty clear at this point that he won't be on the GOP ticket.

"Neither party is anything to write home about," Barkley told Jay Leno. "But the Republican Party just went right-wing whack nut job on America and screwed up the country."

Barkley did note that he's a huge fan of Obama (he's read his book multiple times), but that he can't get the president to return his calls anymore. "He's been big-timing me," he said to laughter. "When he was getting elected, you know, I was out there with him on the trail, beating the path, you know. He called me all the time then. You see what happens? You get a job, you forget about your friends."