NYT Columnist On Trump: 'I’ve Changed My Mind On Impeachment'

Charles Blow says the time has come to impeach the president.

New York Times columnist Charles Blow tweeted on Thursday that he’s changed his mind ― and now believes it’s time to impeach President Donald Trump.

Blow has in the past pointed out that impeachment is a political process with no guarantee of success ― indeed, it’s more likely to fail, especially with Republicans in control of the Senate. 

The columnist no longer appears to hold that view, tweeting:

Blow, currently on leave from the newspaper as he works on a book, also replied to a reader who said Trump should be “exposed, shamed, indicted then voted out and prosecuted to the fullest extent.”

So far, there has been no formal move in the House to impeach Trump, and only a handful of lawmakers have publicly indicated they support it for now. Most have said they will wait until special counsel Robert Mueller completes his investigation before making a decision.