GOP Rep 'Not Sure' If His Tea Party Colleagues Are Actually Republican

As Republicans came to terms with Wednesday's news of a Senate deal to reopen the government and avoid a debt default, one member of the GOP questioned whether his tea party colleagues were actually on the same side.

In an interview with National Journal, Rep. Charles Boustany (R-La.) leveled about the 16-day shutdown experience within GOP quarters.

"There are members with a different agenda," Boustany said. "And I'm not sure they're Republicans and I'm not sure they're conservative."

On the day the shutdown began, Boustany appeared to pin the blame on President Barack Obama, saying that this was "no way to lead."

“President Obama promised to bring hope and change to Washington," wrote Boustany in an Oct. 1 statement on his website. "Instead, he’s caved to an unpopular liberal agenda light on compromise and heavy on partisanship."

Two weeks into the shutdown, Boustany expressed concern with the course Republicans ended up taking.

“I think we can fight the problems with Obamacare in a more intelligent way than we have, and actually get some success out of it,” Boustany told The Hill Sunday. “But we are where we are.”



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