Charles Guan, MIT Student, Builds Mario Kart-Like Model, 'Chibikart,' Reminiscent Of Nintendo Game (VIDEO)

WATCH: Mario Kart IRL!

Charles Guan, a master's student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, spent three weeks working on the "Chibikart," a small electric vehicle that's being compared to the contraption featured in the classic Nintendo racing game "Mario Kart."

The self-proclaimed "deranged engineering hacker ninja" featured the project on his personal website, where he described the methodology and construction behind his creation.

The idea to build the Chibikart came to fruition after Guan was left with several parts from a previous research project. The goal eventually became to build an "ultra-small go-kart that fits in the area of half of my friend's go-kart," Guan told The Huffington Post in an email.

Guan also explained the design for the vehicle was in no way inspired by Mario Kart.

Despite the admittedly awesome result, Guan initially warned readers the kart would be "comically small." However, the finished 34-by-18 inch frame seems to comfortably support a grown man.

But no matter how cool the product might seem, the Mario Kart look-alike doesn't come cheap.

Construction costs alone will run users about $1,750, Guan told Gizmodo's Molly Oswaks.

In addition to working on several electric vehicles, Guan has dabbled in a variety of other projects including "combat robots."

But be forewarned: Footage of Chibikart's initial runs might put you in the mood for some high-speed go-karts, or, at the very least, some video games.

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