Fox News Regular Claims Trump's Omarosa 'Dog' Comment Was A Compliment

“I really think ‘dog’ is a compliment. If you called me ‘my dawg’ ... ” journalist Charles Hurt said during a panel discussion.

Need proof that Donald Trump apologists will come up with any crazy excuse to defend the President’s rude, crude and insulting tweets?

One Fox News commentator claimed that when the president called former aide Omarosa Manigault Newman “that dog” on Twitter, it was meant to be a compliment.

That’s the excuse Washington Times columnist and Fox News regular Charles Hurt made Tuesday morning during a discussion of Monday night’s MTV Video Music Awards.

The panel was discussing all the attacks presenters made against the president during the broadcast.

Although some panelists argued that criticizing the president was disrespectful, one of the guests, commentator Marie Harf, said that demanding Trump be treated with respect was hypocritical considering his behavior on social media.

“Look, Donald Trump says incredibly offensive things on Twitter,” she said. “Suddenly we want standards for everybody else, but not the president, who calls women dogs and says terrible things about people?”

Hurt then tried to defend Trump calling Manigault Newman “that dog” on Twitter, prompted by the former aide’s release of secretly recorded tapes during her time in the White House.

“I really think ‘dog’ is a compliment. If you called me ‘my dawg’ ... ” Hurt said. Host Eric Shawn responded, “That’s not a compliment, Charlie.” 

HuffPost reached out to Hurt, who did not immediately respond. You can see the exchange below.

Twitter users were not surprised at this rather idiotic defense of Trump.



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