Fox Business Host Digs In On 'Home Alone 2' Conspiracy Theory, Evidence Be Damned

Charles Payne joked that the Canadian Broadcasting Co. must have had "Trump derangement syndrome" in 2014 when it cut the future president from the film.

It seems like Fox Business anchor Charles Payne really wants to turn the Canadian Broadcasting Co.’s edit of “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York” into an international incident.

Payne was sitting in for Stuart Varney on Friday when he brought up the CBC’s decision to cut Donald Trump’s cameo in the 1992 movie from the version it aired earlier this week.

Although some people suggested the edit was a purposeful slam on the president, the CBC said Thursday that the scene was cut back in 2014 ― way before Trump officially declared his candidacy.

After correspondent Kristina Partsinevelos explained the removal of Trump’s cameo was part of eight minutes of cuts to the film, Payne responded, “So they had Trump derangement syndrome before everyone else?”

To her credit, Partsinevelos pushed back.

“But no, that’s the narrative — that’s unfortunately not the case,” she exclaimed. “This movie was a little too long. They chopped off eight minutes. This is seriously the case. I’m not trying to spin it or anything. This is the story here!”

Producers rewarded Partsinevelos’ attempt to bring truth and accuracy into the segment by playing a “womp womp” sound effect as she spoke.

You can see the complete segment via Raw Story below:

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