Charleston Heckler Calls CNN's Don Lemon And Obama 'Uncle Toms'

For once, CNN anchor Don Lemon isn't making news for malapropisms or off-color questions.

During a live segment Thursday in Charleston, South Carolina, following the church massacre there, a black woman heckled Lemon and CNN co-host John Berman on camera, calling Lemon and President Barack Obama “Uncle Toms” -- a derogatory term for black people who are considered subservient to whites.

“There’s a lot of heartbreak to go around in this city today,” Berman said just before he was interrupted by the woman.

“We’re mad, we’re angry -- tell the truth!” the woman, who walked up behind the newscasters. “White people are terrorists!”

Lemon tried to defuse the situation when he was introduced, saying the hosts were also joined by “a friend,” who continued screaming at Lemon, asking if he was angry.

“Terrorists! The president’s a puppet!” the woman continued. “Stop the lies, stop the lies. He’s an Uncle Tom too. President Obama’s an Uncle Tom too.”

“Black folks, get off your knees and start praying,” she said.

Correction: This article has been updated to state that Lemon tried to "defuse," not diffuse, the situation.