Charleston, South Carolina Is Officially The Best City In The World

Charleston, South Carolina Is Officially The Best City In The World

Which is the greatest city in the world? Is it Paris? Tokyo? A teeny little town on the Italian coast?

Nope, it's none other than Charleston, South Carolina, where the grits are spicy, the weather is warm, and the people are oh-so charming. This city -- which has been voted best in the U.S. numerous times, in numerous rankings -- nabbed number one in the entire WORLD for the first time this year in Travel + Leisure's World's Best Awards.

There are more than a few reasons Charleston place beat out the rest of the planet. Here are 25 things worth the rush down to “Chucktown.”

2. Long cobblestone streets

3. The peanut butter burger at Poe’s Tavern

4. College of Charleston basketball games
college of charleston

5. The Movember Celebration Finale, a small-town festival where your mustache could win the "Most Like Tom Selleck" award

6. A Sunday bike ride on Ravenel Bridge
ravenel bridge

7. The dance floor at Prohibition bar

8. A perfect bowl of shrimp and grits

9. Sand between your toes and surfers galore at Sullivan’s or Folly Beach

10. She-crab soup, Charleston's signature dish made from the sweet meat of a female crab

11. The Holiday Progressive Dinner, in which horse-drawn carriages shuttle you to three separate dining spots

12. Hand-woven palmetto roses

13. Country bands playing Daft Punk songs in the bars on King Street

14. Sunsets over the Cooper River

15. The incredibly large (and incredibly potent) Mason Jar Margarita at YoBo

16. A drive across the causeway to Sullivan’s Island

17. Spanish moss on oak trees

18. That casual stuffed wombat or deer head on the wall at every watering hole
deer head bar

19. Civil War cannons and a view of Fort Sumter at the Battery

20. The "Nasty Biscuit" at Hominy Grill

21. Window-shopping for mansions on Rainbow Row
rainbow row charleston

22. Second Sundays on King Street, when vendors set up tables on the town's main drag to mingle with food trucks and music performers

23. Snack-cake-scented candles at MoonPie General Store

This photo of MoonPie General Store is courtesy of TripAdvisor

25. Blended mudslide cocktails served waterside at the Charleston Harbor Resort

CORRECTION: A previous version of this post included a photo of the Three Sisters houses, labeling them as part of Rainbow Row. In fact, they are on a street nearby. The photo has been updated.

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