Charlie XCX's New Video Is A Delicious Overload Of (Famous) Cute Boys

Joe Jonas, Riz Ahmed, Mac DeMarco, Wiz Khalifa, boys, boys, BOYS!!!

Charli XCX released the video for her single “Boys” yesterday and it’s more delicious than a tall stack of pancakes. The video features 60 cameos of cute boys doing cute things while Charli sings about how cute boys are. It’s cute!!! 

If you’ve ever wanted to see Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig brushing his teeth, Diplo cuddling with puppies, Mac DeMarco licking an electric guitar or Shaun Ross lapping a flame like a bad, bad boy, you probably won’t get a better shot than this. 

The video, directed by Charli herself, turns the male gaze on its head. Men flaunt their sensual sides while she calls the shots from behind the scenes. See guys, feminism is good for everyone! So, so good, damn. 

Check out Charli’s masterpiece below and identify your new fantasy boyfriend on Buzzfeed, who generously compiled a list of all the heartthrobs included. Bring on the boys!!!