Charlie Brown Voice Actor Pleads Guilty to Death Threats Against Sheriff

Peter Robbins tried to hire a hitman to kill the San Diego County Sheriff.

He was once the voice of innocence. Now, he's the voice of guilt. 

Peter Robbins, who originally voiced the beloved Peanuts character Charlie Brown, pleaded guilty to multiple death threat charges in a San Diego court on Tuesday, according to NBC San Diego.

The 58-year-old entertainer was arrested in September for trying to hire a hitman to kill San Diego Sheriff Bill Gore. TIME reports that he also pleaded guilty to threatening the manager of a mobile home park in an unrelated incident. 

Before his plea, Robbins told the court that he was recently diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. He faces almost five years in prison when sentenced on Dec. 7, according to the LA times. 

Robbins served previous jail time in 2013 for violating his probation after threatening his former girlfriend and the plastic surgeon who performed her breast augmentation. 

Robbins had a courtroom meltdown earlier this year, when he ranted against the judge, his own lawyer, and a bailiff during a hearing to determine if he had violated his probation. 

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