Charlie Crist: Joe Lieberman Inspired My Independent Run

Charlie Crist: Joe Lieberman Inspired My Independent Run

Last week, when the whole world was anticipating Florida Governor Charlie Crist's jump to an independent run for the Florida Senate seat, the reliably on-the-button Dam Amira of NYMag's Daily Intel blog characterized the move as "pulling a Lieberman"Crist told the National Review that it was Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman who provided him with the inspirado:

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist tells National Review Online that a conversation with Sen. Joe Lieberman (I., Conn.) helped to convince him to run for U.S. Senate as an independent. "[Lieberman] told me that [going independent] is the most liberating thing," Crist says. "He was right. I'm much happier now, to be perfectly candid."

Crist went on to tell the National Review that he plans no retreat from being a fiscal conservative, and, in addition, came out against Arizona's new immigration law, calling it "wrong."

As far as the campaign Crist intends to wage as an Independent, Crist insisted that he plans on being a "happy warrior" running a "positive campaign." Of course, one wonders how happy and positive Crist can be, knowing that his former friend, George LeMieux, whom Crist sent to Washington to personally warm that Senate seat, came out against his independent run:

"I'm saddened by it, but that's part of the deal in politics. You have to rise above it. I don't have ill will toward a soul."

Oh! So, we're not talking about a full embrace of Liebermanism, then.

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