Florida Rival Charlie Crist Pitches 'Dictator' Costume That Resembles Gov. Ron DeSantis

Oh, wait ...

Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist on Friday plugged an unusual “wannabe dictator” Halloween costume on Twitter that appeared to resemble Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Oh, wait ... it is Ron DeSantis.

Crist called it the “scariest costume for Halloween this year.”

The spoof costume package features a photo of the Florida governor and “comes with: a ban on abortion with NO exceptions for rape or incest, bans on books and saying ‘gay,’ highest insurance [rates] in the nations, housing crisis and a pair of shiny white boots.”

The DeSantis takedown is part of a series of dress-up memes this season that are plays on pop-up costume shops by the retailer Halloween Spirit, which sells actual costumes.

The retailer has clarified in a statement amid the meme explosion that the digitally altered costume packages are not for sale, anywhere.

Here are few other choices in imaginary dress-up:

Spirit costume meme
Spirit costume meme
Screen Shot/Tweetmonger
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