Charlie Le Mindu Fall 2011: Gas Masks, Blood & Pigs Screaming (PHOTOS, POLL)

PHOTOS: Wigging Out At Charlie Le Mindu

Wig designer Charlie Le Mindu sent his latest creations strutting at London Fashion Week on Sunday -- among them a gas mask with a ponytail, a spray-painted mohawk and some sort of bird/wedding veil combination.

As usual, the models weren't wearing much other than the headpieces -- sample eyewitness accounts from the Love magazine Twitter account include, "Charlie le Mindu: literally pigs screaming backstage, brides covered in blood, vaginas...full on!" and "OMG naked woman bleeding at Charlie Le Mindu!" OMG, indeed.

Check photos from Charlie's show, cropped to be safe for work, and tell us what you think.

(All images by Getty)

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