Charlie Melancon, Louisiana Democrats Still Working To Inform Voters Of David Vitter's Prostitution Scandals (VIDEO)

With time running out to make up a ten-point gap in the polls to incumbent Senator David Vitter (R-Louis.), Representative Charlie Melancon (D-Louis.) has synced his efforts with the larger campaign of the Louisiana Democrats to remind voters of Vitter's illustrious past as a frequenter of prostitutes. And so, they've remixed and recut the Louisiana Dems' "Forgotten Crimes" ad and slapped on an "I'm Charlie Melancon and I approve this message" teaser.

The ad isn't that different from any of the others in the series -- same lurid re-enactments, same commentary from voters with their identities obscured, same reminder that Vitter "did his thing" inside of 20 minutes. The new clip, however, is cut down from a five-and-a-half minute original to a leaner two minutes. So, now, Melancon and the Louisiana Democrats can get it up on the teevee:

A source familiar with the buy said the commercial will initially run largely on cable - possibly during the New Orleans Saints or LSU games this weekend. It is expected to reach every market in Louisiana.

Here's the remixed ad:

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