Charlie Rose Forced To Explain Iraq War To Roger Stone

More "alternative facts" from Team Trump.

“CBS This Morning” host Charlie Rose called out a top surrogate for President Donald Trump on Tuesday for misstating key facts about the Iraq War.

“No, no,” Rose interjected after Trump ally Roger Stone claimed the FBI lied about torture and weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. “That’s not the FBI director, he was not involved in that process.”

Stone had been trying to discredit the FBI, which on Monday confirmed that it was investigating potential ties between Trump’s presidential campaign and Russia. FBI Director James Comey revealed that the probe began in July. Stone’s own ties to Russia have been called into question.

For the record, it was the the CIA, not the FBI, that provided the intelligence that claimed Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein may have had weapons of mass destruction. The George W. Bush administration cherry picked the report, which later turned out to be baseless, to justify invading Iraq.

Stone also repeated the president’s claim that former President Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower. Trump, his intelligence agencies, and Congress have not been able to provide evidence that such spying occurred.