Charlie Rose Opens Up About One Of His Greatest Regrets

'I never spent time ... to talk to my parents and record it.'

Huffington Post Editor-in-Chief Arianna Huffington sat down this week with Charlie Rose, who shared one of his biggest regrets: never making time to interview his parents and record the conversation for posterity.

Rose mentioned this while the two discussed Talk To Me, a new HuffPost video series meant to inspire people to record their own conversations with their parents or children and share them online.

"It is one of the important things I regret, which is that I never spent time -- knowing the skills that I have -- to talk to my parents that much and record it," Rose said. "Record it, because my father was a fabulous talker [with] a first-rate mind and a first-rate memory."

Talk To Me launched this week with episodes featuring intimate conversations between Richard Branson and his son Sam, Oprah Winfrey and her "daughters" from her leadership academy, and Arianna and her daughter Christina.

Dozens of people around the world have since posted their own #TalkToMe conversations on Facebook (here's how to make one with your loved one this weekend). Below is a great example featuring entrepreneur Jon Raj and his adorably bow-tied son Sammy.

And another by med student Arianna Yanes, who talked with her mom Giti, a physician, about attending med school in revolution-era Iran.

We'd love for you to be part of Talk To Me, and have your own conversation with your child or parent featured on HuffPost. Creating a video using Facebook Live is simple and fun; see our guide to making one here, or watch a compilation of great #TalkToMe moments below.


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