Charlie Sheen 911 Call, Threats: Brooke Cries, Says Charlie Has A Knife (AUDIO)

Charlie Sheen 911 Call, Threats: Brooke Cries, Says Charlie Has A Knife (AUDIO)

UPDATE: TMZ has a police account from an affidavit of what they found when the arrived, during which Brooke claimed Charlie straddled her and had a hand on her throat, with a knife next to her, and he threatened to kill her.

Sheen denied threatening Mueller with a knife or strangling her. He did acknowledge having a folding knife in his travel bag which was just outside the bedroom. Officer Magnuson went with Sheen to look inside the travel bag and saw a dark colored, locking knife with a 4-inch blade. The blade was locked in the open position.

The affidavit goes on to say another officer interviewed Mueller, who said she and Sheen were arguing in the bedroom and she said she wanted a divorce. She says Sheen became enraged, grabbed her by the upper part of her throat while straddling her on the bed. She says Sheen then pulled out a knife and held it to her throat, saying, "You better be in fear. If you tell anybody, I'll kill you."

Below is the recording of the 911 call Brooke Mueller made Christmas morning in Colorado, during which she claims husband Charlie Sheen is in another room with a knife and has been threatening her.

A muffled Brooke sounds as though she is crying as she tells the operator that her husband is being kept away by other family members at the house and has a knife and is trying to sneak out the back door. Part way through the call the operator asks for her name, and she responds "Brooke." The operator then asks her husband's name, and Brooke says, "Charlie Sheen."

The operator stays on the phone until two officers arrive at the house.

TMZ previously reported that Brooke had a blood alcohol of .13 when cops arrived and that she is no longer cooperating with the police. Meanwhile Radar reports the fight began when Brooke told Charlie she wanted a divorce.


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