Charlie Sheen Asks Cheetahs, New York City Strip Club, To Take His Name Off Naked Sushi Room

Charlie Sheen Objects To 'Charlie Sheen Room' At NYC Strip Club

The New York Post reports that lawyers for Charlie Sheen want a New York City strip club called Cheetahs to change the name of its VIP room.

In a cease and desist letter, the lawyers claim "The Charlie Sheen Room"--where rich patrons can eat sushi off naked dancers--could damage Sheen's reputation.

Cheetahs, however, wasn't too fussed over the request. Apparently the Charlie Sheen Rom, which owner Sam Zherka told The Post was "not a place where you do crack," also wasn't exactly #winning.

They since removed his name (read more at the Post).

In the Fall of 2010, Sheen trashed a hotel room at The Plaza during a "coke-fueled rampage." Sheen, who was with a woman escort at the time, did $7,000 worth of damage to the luxe lodgings.

Other Sheen antics eventually cost him his starring gig on the CBS show "Two And A Half Men." He'll star in a new show, "Anger Management," set to air on FX on June 28th.

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