Charlie Sheen Engaged To A Porn Star

Congratulations to Charlie Sheen, who is engaged for the fourth time as of this weekend! Sheen took his porn star girlfriend Brett Rossi to Hawaii for Valentine's Day to pop the question.

"Perfect day," Rossi tweeted along with a photo of the couple by a pool.

The "Anger Management" star has been married three times before, counting Donna Peele, Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller among his ex-wives, but Rossi would contest that she is lucky number three. In a statement to People Sunday (Feb. 16), she wrote: "With all due respect to Donna – that maiden Klay-Vinn was annulled. Therefore, if "three" truly is a charm; The mashup/acronym of the real CS, (Charlie & Scottie) HAS to be; 'Char-M-stee...' xox c&s"

Sheen also tweeted some vaguely nonsensical thing about being grateful along with a Valentine from his kids.

Rossi told E! that the ring is "classic and beautiful," although she has "no photos to share." No date has been set for the wedding.

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