Charlie Sheen Reveals Goddess Sleeping Arrangement

Charlie Sheen Reveals Sleeping Arrangement With His Goddesses

Charlie Sheen's media blitz continues, and Tuesday he spoke with Howard Stern about his "goddesses," the two live-in girlfriends who help him care for his young sons.

Sheen revealed that Natty (a bikini model) and Rach (formerly known as Bree, her porn star name), sleep in separate beds in the same room - and he gets to pick which bed he sleeps in.

ROBIN QUIVERS: But how do they work it? Do they sleep in the same bed?

HOWARD STERN: Yeah, are all three of you in the bed together?

CHARLIE SHEEN: No because we are adults and we realize that three in a bed is like, we are all not seven.

HOWARD STERN: So everybody gets their own bed?

CHARLIE SHEEN: We have two beds in the bedroom and it is a 2-1 switch off. 'A 2-1 switch off,' listen to me.

HOWARD STERN: This is unbelievable. The two of them stay in the same bed and you are in the bed next to them?

CHARLIE SHEEN: No they will take a separate bed and then I have to choose.

ROBIN QUIVERS: Oh, so you come in and choose which bed you want to sleep in.

HOWARD STERN: You live like a king, my friend.

CHARLIE SHEEN: Why the hell shouldn't I, Howard?

HOWARD STERN: Why not? You are special, right?

CHARLIE SHEEN: Yes I am, just like you. We are special.

When asked whether the two women have sex with each other, Sheen replied, "Well, you would have to ask them."


In a 'Today' segment that aired Tuesday, Sheen talked about the appeal of the goddesses.

"These women don't judge me," he said. "They don't judge me. They don't lead with opinion. They don't-- they don't-- they don't lead with their own needs all the time. They're honest enough to tell me, 'Hey, look, you-- you know, park your nonsense. I-- I-- you gotta help me solve this. We solve it."

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