Charlie Sheen & John Galliano: Hatred Even at the Top

Two heralded celebrities - fashion icon John Galliano and actor Charlie Sheen - have been accused of antisemitism this week. Videos of the two men (in separate instances), have solidified the claims and horrified millions.

Although Galliano is suing the couple who claimed he harassed them for defamation, his case is nearly moot after The Sun released video the couple took of Galliano's anti-Jewish slurs. The clip, which can be seen here, (WARNING: GRAPHIC LANGUAGE), is a frightening reminder that even a celebrated fashion icon such as Galliano can espouse hateful behavior towards a large group of people.

Galliano was canned from the fashion house Dior immediately upon word of his episode. Although he was supported in large part by the fashion community, the video proof is causing previous defenders of Galliano to abandon the designer.

This video comes days after Charlie Sheen calling Chuck Lorre "Chaim Levine," which is not his name but rather an antisemitic expression of Sheen's disdain at the cancellation of his show, Two and a Half Men, due to Sheen's erratic and reckless behavior.

These two men are (were) regarded in our society as celebrities and taste makers. Their expression of racism towards the Jewish people will not be tolerated. Furthermore, it's a frightening reminder that hatred continues, even at the top.