Jeffrey Ross Says Charlie Sheen Roast Will Be An Intervention

Jeff Ross Says Charlie Sheen Roast Will Be An Intervention

With brother Emilio Estevez saying that Charlie Sheen has turned a corner, and now comedian Jeffrey Ross offering that the upcoming roast of the actor will be as therapeutic as it is funny, one wonders if the talking points are true. Is the tiger-blood-infused warlock now "a completely different guy"?

Ross gave Entertainment Weekly more insight into what he expects from Sheen's moment in the comedy crosshairs in September: "These roasts are often therapeutic for a person. These are things he needs to hear. No one deserves to be roasted more than the warlock. I see this as a comedy intervention. This is the first step of what you could call a comeback."

Talk of Sheen's return to form has been at a fever pitch ever since the one-two-punch announcement of the Comedy Central Roast and his new show, a television adaptation of the Jack Nicholson, Adam Sandler vehicle "Anger Management."

Of course, many also want to know how far Sheen's roast will go in the name of healing. Both the actor and Comedy Central have assured viewers that "nothing will be off limits," but there is much speculation on if that will also apply to who gets to roast Sheen.

The network announced last week that Seth McFarlane will once again return to the dais to serve as Roast Master, but the remaining roasting slots are yet to be formally announced. Which of Sheen's former lady friends will turn up is the subject of much discussion, with porn star Capri Anderson's name rising to the top of the conversation (although Ross suggested in the EW interview that it may not happen).

Whoever ends up on the lineup, Ross assures that it will be an epic event: "I think people are going to be blown away..." he said. "There has been interest from very surprising people."

Let's just hope the event is as healing as it is spectacular. Read the full EW story and then check out this clip about the roast.

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