Charlie Sheen Spends $26K On Prostitutes In Cocaine-Filled Weekend

Charlie Sheen reportedly ran up a $26,000 prostitute tab one weekend in early January -- good thing he makes $1.8 million per episode of 'Two and a Half Men.'

The hard-partying star, whose life has swung out of control the past few months after throwing a fit in a restaurant and then trashing a New York hotel room with a prostitute in a closet, has been living in a drug-fueled trance in Las Vegas, and now reports that Sheen's latest outburst involved copious amounts of cocaine and paid-for sex.

Fueled by the drug, the site says Sheen paid $10,000 to a prostitute named Ginger for four hours of sex, and earlier, $8,000 to two others. In one day. They met him at his $40,000 a night suite at the Palms Resort, where he continued to take drugs even as he focused on the tasks at hand.

Sheen also hung out with at least three porn stars that weekend (including Best Anal Award winner Bree Olson), and introduced his ex-wife Denise Richards to a prostitute that fateful night in November.

No word on what Jon Cryer has been up to lately.

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