Charlie Sheen Surprises, Kisses Jimmy Kimmel (VIDEO)


Charlie Sheen made a surprise drop-in on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday night, interrupting Jimmy's interview with Mark Cuban, an entrepreneur and owner of the Dallas Mavericks. As if to prove Sheen's omnipresent properties, Jimmy was asking Cuban about working with Sheen on some of his new endeavors, at which point Mr. Tigerblood himself magically appeared from offstage, greeted the audience, gave Jimmy a full-on mouth kiss, handed out t-shirts, and then disappeared from whence he came.

During his brief stay, he also presented Jimmy with a coffee mug decorated with printed-out illustrated foxes, telling the host he'd let him figure out the significance. Sounding like a character on an Adult Swim cartoon, Sheen narrated the entire exchange thusly: "I brought you a gift. It's a mug. It's got a fox on it." Now, that should be on a t-shirt.


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