Salem Warlocks, Witches Perform 'Magical Intervention' For Sheen (VIDEO)

Charlie Sheen has alternately confused, delighted, mesmerized, aggravated, embarrassed and occasionally bored most of America over the last week. But more importantly, he's really ticked off the warlock community. Apparently, you don't go around calling yourself a warlock if you haven't done the work. You wouldn't call yourself an orthopedic surgeon, trapeze artist, or cobbler without the appropriate training would you?

To fight back, a group of warlocks and witches got together to perform a magical intervention for Sheen, one that will hopefully force the actor to return to what he does best (although there's a debate to be had over what it is Sheen does best the days). Fortunately for everyone, local news was there to capture the event.


(Thanks CW!)