Charlie Siem: A Fiddler On The Roof Of (VIDEO)

He is charming, talented, genius and above all, the most charismatic violinist of the year. Chosen as one of the ambassadors for the S/S 11 Dunhill campaign shot by David Sims, 25-year old Charlie Siem brings youth and elegance back into the classical music scene. Unlike other eye-catching predecessors such as Vanessa Mae, Siem prefers to stay true to original compositions rather than fusing genres and appeasing popular culture.

At the tender age of 11, driven by a strong personality and great dedication, Siem fell into the hands of Itzhak Rashkovsky, the internationally-renowned Russian-Israeli violin teacher who mentored him up from child prodigy to a sheer musical genius.

To gain insight into what it takes to become an outstanding classical musician, heads out on a grand tour; a day in the life of London's very own Anglo-Norwegian virtuoso. We start our journey with a visit to Kensington's majestic Royal Albert Hall; once just a dream, the Hall is now a frequent destination on Siem's tour schedule. Service as his much praised voice and accomplice is a 1735 'd' Egville built by Guarnerius del Gesu, once owned by the King of Prussia.


After witnessing an exclusive duet between Siem and Rashkovsky and the Royal College of Music, we end our day together by transporting Paganini and other masters to the top of our London HQ, to witness a fiddler on the roof, literally.

Text by Seyna Van Der Linden for App now available for Nokia devices from the OVI Store