Charlize Theron's New Bowl Cut Was Inspired By A '90s Supermodel

For the "Bombshell" actor's next role, she makes a nerdy hairstyle look super chic.

Leave it to Charlize Theron to turn one of the least-flattering hairstyles into her latest chic look. 

The actor posted a photo of her new chop on Instagram Monday to mark the return of her character, Cipher, to “The Fast and the Furious” franchise.

“She’s baaaaack,” Theron captured the photo, which shows her wearing black and red layer tank tops with her honey locks and dark roots. The bowl cut notably drew praise from all of Theron’s celebrity friends and many of her followers.

“This hair is next level good,” January Jones commented. “But would only look good on you.” 

“Damn we missed you!!!!!!!!!!!!” fellow “Fast and Furious” star Tyrese Gibson wrote, while Michael B. Jordan just left an “eyes” emoji. 

Hairstylist Adir Abergel, who created Theron’s latest look, posted a black and white photo of the actor on his Instagram and spoke about his inspiration behind the cut. 

“I always feel so blessed collaborating with this insanely talented human @charlizeafrica,” he wrote. “I was inspired by early images of Linda Evangelista shot by @therealpeterlindbergh. It took some rad people to make this one come to life.” 

He also posted an image of Evangelista and Cindy Crawford sporting similar cuts and wrote that the picture had “been in my brain for a long time.”

Theron’s most recent transformation as news anchor Megyn Kelly recently made headlines, as the actor looked exactly like the former Fox talent in the trailer for “Bombshell.”

The movie centers around former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes’ sexual misconduct scandal, and also stars Nicole Kidman as Gretchen Carlson and John Lithgow as Ailes.  

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