Charlize Theron Clarifies Those Controversial 'Pretty People' Comments

"There was just maybe, I think, a huge misunderstanding."

Charlize Theron recently tried to convince us all that there aren't any "meaty roles" for the "pretty people" in Hollywood, but after receiving a wave of backlash, the actress clarified her comments. 

Speaking to ExtraTV at the red carpet premiere of her latest film, "The Huntsman: Winter's War" earlier this week, the actress got a chance to explain what she really meant

"I was just hopeful that people who knew me would understand that that's not the language that I ... You know, I don't want to blame anybody, there is no blame," she said. "There was just maybe, I think, a huge misunderstanding and I've never really spoken in that way."

She went on to say that her past as a model has shaped the way she sees the entertainment industry. "People always ask me 'Why do you always play such deconstructed characters?' And I've always said, 'Well how many roles are out there where you can wear a gown and look like an 8-foot model?' And I have always been honest that when I was a model 20 years ago it was hard to walk into a room and I had to prove myself, you know?"

"I'm so lucky that today I'm in a place that I don't have to. And I'm grateful for that too, because it gives you character and it makes you who you are, and you don't want everything to come easy," she said. "So yeah, that was rough. It was rough reading that."



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