Charlize Theron Is Down To Star In Lesbian 'Die Hard' Reboot: 'Sign Me On'

Speaking to Vanity Fair, the "Bombshell" actor said she's eager to take on a diversified version of the action franchise after a fan suggested it.

Charlize Theron wasn’t kidding about wanting to take on the “Die Hard” franchise with a diversified twist.

The “Monster” and “Bombshell” actor set off a social media frenzy in December when she responded to a fan’s suggestion that she take on a reimagined “Die Hard” that would follow a lesbian “on a rampage to save her wife.”

In an interview with Vanity Fair published Tuesday, Theron doubled down on her interest in the project that ― for now ― remains nothing more than fan fiction.

“I mean, it’s a great idea,” she said. “That’s why I replied on Twitter. Because I just thought that was kind of brilliant.”

The Academy Award winner went on to suggest the Twitter user ― identified on the platform as “Dr. Francis Osis,” based in Glasgow, Scotland ― “start pitching” Hollywood studios with the idea.

“And the fact that it would be two women,” she added, “I was like, ‘Yeah, sign me on.’”

The original “Die Hard” was released in 1988 and starred Bruce Willis as John McClane, a police detective who gets caught up in a terrorist takeover of a Los Angeles skyscraper while visiting his estranged wife over Christmas.

Despite mixed reviews, the film was a box office smash and solidified Willis as a bankable leading man. Four sequels followed, the most recent being 2013’s “A Good Day to Die Hard,” featuring actor Jai Courtney as McClane’s adult son, Jack.

The iconic franchise would feel perfectly in line with Theron’s cinematic oeuvre, which includes well-received performances in action films the include “The Italian Job” and “Atomic Blonde.

Elsewhere in her Vanity Fair interview, the 45-year-old actor touched on her admiration for a benchmark of queer pop culture. When asked about how she’s been passing the time during the COVID-19 pandemic, she said she and her children Jackson, 9, and August, 4, recently “went on a binge” of “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

“I will always think of that show as our family [pandemic] show that I had to pre-watch every episode and figure out which ones were appropriate and which ones weren’t,” she quipped. “But, that was a fun family thing for us too, that just puts a smile on my face.”

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