Coffee-Carrying Commuter Asked To Sing Lady Gaga’s ‘Shallow’ And... WOW!

Charlotte Awbery stuns the internet with her incredible take on the "Star Is Born" song.

A viral star was born when a commuter making her way through a subway station with a cup of coffee in hand delivered a train-stopping version of “Shallow,” the Lady Gaga/Bradley Cooper tune from the 2018 version of “A Star Is Born.”

ComicKevin Freshwater was recording himself approaching strangers with his mic, asking them to “finish the lyrics,” then offering up a line from a song.

Some played along. Some didn’t.

But when he turned his mic to Charlotte Awbery in what appeared to be a London Underground station, she delivered in a big way:

Awberry, it turns out, is actually a singer. And while she hasn’t yet acknowledged her newfound fame on her Instagram page, she’s been rapidly gaining followers.

Meanwhile, here’s more of her take on “Shallow.”

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