Charlotte Cake Recipes (PHOTOS)

It might be over 300 years old, but this cake never goes out of style.

The Charlotte cake is the people's cake. It comes in all shapes and sizes, in all degrees of difficulty, and it's always guaranteed delicious. And no, it has no affiliation with the clothing store Charlotte Russe, this cake was around long before the trendy store. In fact, the Charlotte Russe cake has a long -- and possibly royal -- history.

While the origin of this cake is not confirmed, one story claims that the Charlotte originated in 1700 Britain, named after Queen Charlotte, as a cake made of buttered bread and cooked apples. You don't normally see the Charlotte made with stale bread soaked in butter anymore -- though maybe we should bring that back. Today, most people use lady fingers or cake. But it does always include loads of cream in one form or another, which is just one reason why we're such fans.

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Charlotte Cakes