Charlotte Casiraghi Show Jumping Competition In Cannes Looks So Chic (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Charlotte Casiraghi Jumps Horses In Cannes

Charlotte Casiraghi is a stunning campaign-starring, red carpet-walking, magazine-covering princess. But the Monaco royal is also, as we often forget, a professional show jumper.

Outfitted by Gucci, Charlotte's the chicest equestrian we've ever seen (although it helps that riding boots and pants are already super cute to begin with) and she's often got her stylish friends and family sitting on the sidelines. Today she competed in the 31st Annual Global Champions Tour, an esteemed show jumping competition in Cannes. And darn did she look pretty. We often describe her as a young European Brooke Shields, and today she even had the high-rise pants to truly play the part. (And a totally fabulous red jacket.)

Casiraghi brought a fan club with her, including her brother Pierre Casiraghi, who's most notorious for getting in a bar fight here in New York, and his girlfriend Beatrice Borromeo, who both looked on from the sidelines.

Check out the gallery below to see Charlotte horse-jumping in style -- seriously, some of these pics could be a Gucci ad right now.

Charlotte Casiraghi At The Global Champion Tour

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