Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky Is Grandma's Littlest Supporter

Too cute.

As millions take to the polls, presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton knows there’s one little die-hard supporter she can always count on ― granddaughter Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky. The toddler recently celebrated her second birthday, and though she can’t quite read yet, she’s already developed an eye for grandma’s campaign materials.

“She knows that our logo stands for grandma,” Hillary Clinton told PEOPLE in this week’s issue. 

Clinton revealed the two-year-old says “grandma, grandma” whenever she sees anyone sporting a sticker with the logo. She also immediately recognized a doll-sized version of her grandma in a pantsuit that someone gave her. 

“She connects that, but I don’t think she’s old enough to understand much more than that, and that’s fine with me,” Clinton said, adding that there are more important things for the tot to know.

“I just want her to learn the qualities of being a good person and get as many words in her vocabulary as possible and just have fun, which she’s quite an expert at,” she said.

Though she was campaigning hard through last night, Clinton still made time Monday for a FaceTime call to her granddaughter. 

Grandma Hillary has said that she gets “separation anxiety” if she doesn’t at least get to FaceTime with Charlotte while she’s traveling. 

And if she wins the election today, Clinton has already thought about what she hopes her granddaughter will call her once she’s president.

“Grandma’s fine. Madame President’s fine. Whatever she chooses,” she said in an interview with ABC News. 

But one thing’s for certain ― little Charlotte probably won’t be allowed to stay up past her bedtime to see the results trickle in. 



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