Trans Army Vet Explains Why You Can't Vote GOP And Be Socially Liberal In Epic Tweetstorm

Charlotte Clymer says nothing is more enraging "as someone who votes for the Republican Party but claims to care about my rights and that of others."

Can someone claim to be “socially liberal” while still voting Republican?

Not according to Charlotte Clymer, a writer for the LGBTQ advocacy group Human Rights Campaign; she blasted that idea in an epic tweetstorm on Sunday.

Clymer, who is also transgender and an Army vet, was at a party Saturday night when she got into a conversation with a man who said he worked for the Trump administration but considered himself “socially liberal.”

Clymer started off by setting the scene.

Clymer then explained the subtext of the situation.

She then turned the encounter into a teachable moment.

Clymer then trashed the idea that giving lip service to civil rights qualifies as actual activism. She emphasized that it’s not possible to support civil rights if you’re voting for a party trying to take them away from some citizens.

During the series of tweets, Clymer explained how she felt obliged to finish a conversation she had no desire to be a part of in the first place.

She added the person who attempted to engage her Saturday night put her in an awkward situation.