Charlottesville: A Time for Americans to Speak

“Our forefathers founded America as a democracy that would respect every individual and grant equality to all.”
“Our forefathers founded America as a democracy that would respect every individual and grant equality to all.”

Regarding Charlottesville, the president has shockingly sided with bigotry!

In the clash involving a murder, injuries, and the accidental death of two officers, he initially blamed “many sides.” But after a national uproar of disapproval, he read a scripted speech in which he said the “K.K.K., neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and other hate groups…are repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans.”

However, on Tuesday, emphasizing in an angry tone that he learned the “facts,” he went back to blaming much of the violence on the “alt-left,” and pointing out there were good people on “both sides.”

David Duke, President of the White Nationalists, tweeted: “Thank you President Trump for your honesty & courage to tell the truth about #Charlottesville & condemn the leftist terrorists.”

So James Fields who drove his car into the peaceful civil rights marchers, killing Heather Heyer and injuring 19 others, was not a terrorist?

This president is astonishingly ignorant not only of our founding principles, but of our struggles to establish them throughout our history.

Our forefathers founded America as a democracy that would respect every individual and grant equality to all.

However, to create The United States at that time, they had to make one compromise to their principle: the acceptance of slavery.

This compromise was finally addressed by our bloody civil war, beginning in 1865. However, since some people resist change, those not accepting African-Americans as equal gave rise to the KKK.

And since those of Jewish faith have a deep heritage, one rife with being excluded, their adversities have helped them build a strong culture. So their successes are often resented.

Hitler knew the power of the Jewish culture posed a major threat to the establishment of his “Master Race.” His cold-blooded solution was to exterminate them, which he continued to do right up to his last days in 1945.

Previous to that, America shared some of those mixed feelings about the Jewish culture. But once Hitler was defeated, Americans were made fully aware of the inhuman murder of 5 million Jews by the Nazis.

We discovered in horror the concentration camps with gas chambers designed to kill Jews; our hearts went out to their culture. Today, 72 years later, Jews are a much bigger part of America and vital partners in the world.

Those of us in America who lived through those four years of WWII saw Nazism and its belief that the Aryan (Indio-European) Race should rule the world as a direct threat to American principles.

Since our basic belief makes both the African American and Jewish populations fully functioning and equal members of America, anyone not accepting them as such is simply un-American. Any public action taken seeking to challenge their worth should not be acceptable.

Our respect for every individual, regardless of race, has made us a great nation. It is time we require all citizens to respect this fundamental principle that defines America. Those who feel they cannot can always find a new nation to meet their needs.

It is clear our president is unable to deal with this critical situation that needs to center us on our moral base and just who we are as Americans.

There was no question of this in 1945, although it took another 20 years to make a significant move to better include African Americans.

I hope today the majority of Americans will speak up regarding Charlottesville, and reaffirm who we really are.

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