This Charlottesville Documentary Is Required Watching For Americans in 2017

The Vice News doc is 22 minutes. Stop what you're doing, grab a friend, and watch.

Correspondent Elle Reeve primarily follows white nationalist leader Christopher Cantwell throughout the 22-minute piece. Interspersed throughout are interviews with ex-KKK leader David Duke prominent white nationalists Robert Ray and Matthew Heimbach, and counter-protesters like Charlottesville locals and members of Black Lives Matter.

Most heart-wrenchingly, there is footage of the driver who killed Heather Heyer while she was crossing the street and the horrifying aftermath ― the wailing in the streets, the passersby covered in blood that is not theirs, the shocked faces.

Reeve also takes us into Cantwell’s hotel room, his bed covered in weaponry, where he tells us he anticipates even more violent protests.

This account of Charlottesville, from the inside, is a raw and unfiltered look at America today. And it is truly terrifying.

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