NFL Network's Charley Casserly Wigs Out At Unscripted Question During Interview

One might think that a guy who was an NFL general manager for 16 years would be more composed during an interview.

But NFL Network draft expert Charley Casserly seemed totally rattled when Dan Hellie asked him an unscripted question.

The query didn't seem particularly challenging: In the clip above, Hellie merely asks Casserly what questions the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who own the first pick for Thursday's NFL Draft, would ask of potential No.1-pick Jameis Winston's middle school teachers and high school coaches for the team's background research. But Casserly balked.

"I'm not gonna answer any specific questions," he said. "We didn't talk about that inside."

Hellie tried to proceed but Casserly interjected, "Na, na, na, you don't ask me a question we haven't talked about."

Then Casserly appeared to be unaware that the interview was live and still asked for a do-over even when he was told they were on the air. Hellie kept his cool and the segment finally resumed.

Curious, no?



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