Charm, Video Dating App, Is Well-Meaning But Way Too Much Effort

This Dating App Sounds Kind Of Terrible...

In case a picture of a potential date isn't enough for you, a new service gives you the chance to see a video of them.

Charm -- a dating app similar to Tinder -- lets users watch short videos of potential dates and rate them "yes" or "no." Their slogan? "Because you are so much more than a profile pic!"

Erica Schwiegershausen at New York Magazine describes the app as "mortifying" -- and after seeing some of the videos people have uploaded (see above), we have to agree.

In theory, it's nice to know a bit more about someone than what they look like in a carefully chosen profile picture. But isn't one of the reasons we all love Tinder how easy and no-fuss it is? This is just too much.

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