8 Cheekiest 'Baby Got Back' Covers (VIDEO)

Once in a (full) moon, a song comes along that speaks to a generation, thus becoming its anthem for truth that can no longer be contained.

In 1992, that one song had a lot of us confessing: "I like big butts and I cannot lie."

And whether you're nostalgic for one-hit wonders, a hip-hop devotee, or merely "tired of magazines sayin' flat butts are the thing," the immortal legacy of Sir Mix-a-Lot's classic devoted to the derriere has endured to this day, bringing down the house at karaoke bars, wedding receptions, school dances, and bar mitzvahs the world over, all in hopes of liberating our collective sense of body image and getting us to "shake that healthy butt."

Needless to say, despite being banned briefly by MTV and more conservative outlets for its then-controversial take on the tush, the song became a pop culture phenomenon (topping VH1's countdown of the Greatest One Hit Wonders of the '90s).

It should make sense, then, that the good-humored folks at Charmin have joined us in celebrating the ballad to buttocks with these cheeky covers. See the slideshow below for some of our favorites.



Best Baby Got Back Covers