Chase Cameron Arrested: Florida Teen Allegedly Stole Porsche, Candy Canes

It would have been one sweet ride.

Police in Florida arrested a 19-year-old man on Sunday after identifying a missing yellow Porsche as well as two boxes of stolen candy canes, News- 4 reports.

"Who steals two boxes of candy canes? I mean that's the Grinch. We give those to the little kids," said Kevin Varnadoe, of Severt's Christmas Trees, according to the local news station.

Investigators say that in addition to the treats, the teenage suspect, Chase Cameron of St. Augustine Beach, also stole tools, a cash register, and a credit card reader from Varnadoe's holiday store, First Coast News reports.

But not even stolen candy could be nearly as sweet as Cameron's greatest alleged crime, had he gotten away with it.

"I came downstairs, which is what I always do, went outside to get the paper, and no car," said Richard Mundy, the owner of a 1998 yellow Porsche Boxter allegedly stolen by Cameron.

"He did more damage in three hours than I've done to the car in 13 years," Mundy added.

Unfortunately for Cameron, the alleged crime was not as easy as taking candy from a baby. Police caught up with the suspect at a McDonald's location and arrested him following a brief foot chase, the St. Augustine Record reports.

Cameron is charged with larceny, burglary, resisting and officer, drug possession, and vehicle theft.