Chase Chesbro, Kid With Leukemia, Has Life-Saving Medication Stolen In Parking Lot (VIDEO)

A Colorado purse thief may be feeling guiltier this month than he normally does after a heist. That's because the purse he stole from a Wyoming woman in a Westminster, Colorado parking lot this month happened to contain life-saving medicine for a boy with leukemia.

Sarah Chesbro and her 11 year-old son Chase were walking into a Target store when a man who has yet to be identified snatched her purse and ran to his car. In addition to the medicine, the purse also contained $1400 in cash from the mother and son. The Chesbros were traveling to Colorado from their home in Wyoming to visit doctors.

Addressing news cameras, Chase wondered aloud: "What the heck is wrong with you? This is what I need to survive."