Chase Marie Reflects On Journey As A Transgender Individual

Everyone's story is unique and deserves to be heard, and that's exactly what one student thought when she received an interview video assignment for her class.

Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology student Ashli Amador decided to feature her friend Chase Marie, a transgender woman living in Oklahoma, for this assignment. In this project, Chase Marie is able to reflect on her experiences as a transgender woman and her journey to living as her authentic self.

"I have known Chase for a few years and knew how well she spoke and immediately thought of her when the assignment was given," Amador told The Huffington Post. "I wanted to hear her story and when I did I wanted everyone to hear it. It is so important to be educated, compassionate and understanding to get the feel of what issues and mayhem people really go through everyday. Chase and I teamed up and put together this video because everyone should have a voice and tell their story and that is exactly why we felt so compelled to do this project. We both hope to educate and give awareness about the transgender community, from both the beautiful and the ugly sides."

Check out the video about Chase Marie above. For more from Ashli Amador, head here. For more from Chase Marie, visit her bandcamp site here.

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