Chasm! American Jews Vote 78% Obama, Israelis Do The Opposite

Chasm! American Jews Vote 78% Obama, Israelis Do The Opposite
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Interesting article in Ha'aretz today. Binyamin Netamyahu is about to take the prime minister's job with the openly racist Avigdor Lieberman in his cabinet. (Lieberman pledges to strip Israeli Arabs of citizenship).

Not only that, none of the other candidates condemns Lieberman's views out of fear of offending the racist vote.

Writing in Ha'aretz, Mike Praksher says: "The recent elections in both the United States and Israel have exposed a deep and potentially catastrophic schism between the world's two preeminent Jewish communities. By voting disproportionately for their country's first African-American president, America's Jews maintained their traditional prominence in helping the U.S. overcome its racist past, part of its arduous journey to realize the vision of its founding fathers. In contrast, Israel's 80-percent Jewish majority has just voted in unprecedented numbers for several overtly - even proudly - racist political parties, whose campaigns incited against Israel's 1.2 million Arab citizens.."

Something is happening folks and it isn't good. American Jews go 78% for Obama (higher, by far, than any other white ethnic group) and our Israeli cousins vote for a neo-fascist who makes Rush Limbaugh look like Eleanor Roosevelt.

It's not hard to see which of the two Jewish communities is on the right side of history. Israelis need to wake up before their country starts looking like Rhodesia.

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