Chasten Buttigieg Melts Fox News With A Candy-Coated Diss

"You need new material. Go yell at an M&M," said the transportation secretary's spouse.

Chasten Buttigieg, who is married to Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, told Fox News to “Go yell at an M&M” after the network published a story on his husband’s paternity leave.

On Friday, Chasten Buttigieg slammed the outlet’s recent coverage of the two months his spouse took off in 2021 to care for their twins, and he mocked the network over its taste for candy-related news.

“This morning the twins helped pick [out] ... their sweaters, scooted down the stairs, ran to their chairs, and sat at the table eating scrambled eggs with forks. They said ‘bye bye dada’ on the way out the door,” wrote Buttigieg, who is no stranger to Fox News scrutiny.

“It’s been 17 months. You need new material. Go yell at an M&M,” he told the network.

Buttigieg’s tweet also came after Fox News host Tucker Carlson — who recently used his show to cover a rebrand that made the M&M’s mascots “less sexy”dedicated more time this week to reporting on the popular chocolates.

Twitter user @mattxiv has shared a compilation of clips from Fox News programs covering M&M’s. Check it out below:

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