Chateau Miraval: Brad And Angelina Lease French Estate (PHOTOS)

Chateau Miraval: Brad And Angelina Lease French Estate (PHOTOS)


Brad Pitt and Angelina have been in the South of France for some time, relaxing with their kids and attending the Cannes Film Festival while Angelina rides out her pregnancy with twins. And they now have a piece of Provence to call their own. Update: They actually just signed a three-year lease and have moved in.

The pair and the four children have been staying at Paul Allen's villa, and have been photographed going on various helicopter trips in recent weeks. Some say the trips were scouting outings, as they looked for a French home of their own. Now E! and the Daily Mail report that the Jolie-Pitt clan has plunked down $60 million on Chateau Miraval, near Aix-en-Provence. Other reports value the home, perhaps just rented, at $70 million. Tuesday the NY Post reported the Chateau Miraval purchase and priced the place that high.

Rent or buy, the chateau comes with a vineyard (Miraval website here), but that's the least of it. It also has 35 bedrooms, a lake, a pool, and a moat, claim E!. It is unclear if the home was ever on the market, but the Jolie-Pitts have reportedly tendered offers on homes that were not for sale/rent before.

They will have plenty of famous friends nearby. U2's Bono and the Edge have bases in the South of France, as does Johnny Depp.

X marks the spot on the google map of the village Le Val, home of Chateau Miraval:

Pictures of the Chateau:

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