Chatroulette Penis Flashers Are A Scourge, Site's Creator Trying To Curb Them (VIDEO)

Chatroulette, an online service that allows users to video chat with an endless, random, and anonymous set of strangers, has what some have described as a "penis problem."

According to one survey, about 13 percent of Chatroulette users are "perverts"--that is, one in every eight spins will yield "adult" content (views of people masturbating is not uncommon)

Andrey Ternovskiy, the 17-year-old creator of Chatroulette, has plans to curb the video site's more graphic content.

AllThingsD caught up with the creator waiting for an iPad outside the Palo Alto Apple Store. What does Ternovskiy have in mind?

Ternovskiy has made a subtle but important tweak already-specifically, changes to the "reporting people" function designed to cut down on the male genitalia that famously crop up throughout the site.

I had the honor of going on Chatroulette with its creator, and the changes seem to be working, as we were "nexted" by 30-plus people without seeing a single offense. In one case, we did encounter a couple middle fingers, which Ternovskiy said is an accepted greeting on Chatroulette.

Other forthcoming developments include a new feature likely to be deemed "Chessroulette."

Check out the interview with Ternovskiy below, then see 8 more ideas for putting an end to Chatroulette's R-rated content. See some of the Chatroulette craziness on our selection of the wildest Chatroulette screenshots.

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